The Miniature Theatre of Chester

2002 Summer Season

June 26 - 30


written and performed by Leslie Ayvazian

Comic misadventures pile up as Ms. Ayvazian, perched on a high dive platform, flashes back to the succession of farcical disasters that culminates in her present predicament. A one woman show with a very large cast. The other actors? The audience, who are invited to read lines from the script, and thereby experience the point of the play – the willingness to take risks and dive in.

"An engaging and hilarious show from beginning to end." Daily News

The production of HIGH DIVE is sponsored by MTC Board Member Jeannene Booher



July 3 -14


The Founding Director’s Production

Adapted from William Shakespeare by Vincent Dowling

Prospero, his daughter Miranda, and his former slave Caliban, return to the enchanted "Isle of the Bermudes", where they once spent years in exile. There, they re-enact the amazing events set in motion by the great storm. Mr. Dowling’s Prologue reveals the reasons for the trio’s return to the "Brave New World" and, as the magician Prospero, Dowling will lead the cast in bringing Shakespeare’s last great play to life.


July 17 - August 4


by Richard Greenberg

directed by Jonathan Bank

Act One: A Greenwich Village loft in 1995 – the children of a famous architectural team meet and attempt to piece together their parents’ past. Act Two: The Loft, 1960 – the same actors now play the parents, who seem to be very different from the ones conjured by their children. An intelligent, funny, romantic drama about the gap between what we know of our parents’ lives and the reality of those lives.

"Elegantly structured – a puzzle in two acts." The New York Times



August 7 - 25


by Heather McDonald

directed by Byam Stevens

Samuel Gentle was once a priest, but his world was shattered by unforeseen forces. Can his love for his wife, his daughter, and his God bind his wounds, make sense of the bewildering losses that have beset him, and lead him back to a state of Grace? A beguiling journey composed of recollections, recurring dreams, and a relentless quest for faith. Winner of the Kesselring Award.

"Best New Play of the Year" Los Angeles Times


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